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After a decade of experience in business in West AFrica Alantu enterprise initiated the HERITAGE GATEWAY INITIATIVE in order to bridge the gap between the diaspora and Africa. The rise of Africa has become apparent as yearly the number of returnees are increasing in Ghana/ West africa and also the confidence of international investors seeking opportunities in Africa. However Alantu enterprise identified the interest is growing faster than the structures in place to support the interest.

The heritage gateway initiative birthed from the founder firstly re-locating from the UK to Ghana as a young entrepreneur looking for various opportunities in Africa. On arrival he faced a number of stumbling blocks in relation to the transparency he had become accustomed to doing business in the UK and USA.

The HERITAGE GATEWAYS key purpose is to let our potential investors firstly understand the dynamics of the market they want to invest in. Highlighting some factors to consider before investing. We also aim to change the narrative of what is perceived as successful investment in real estate. By representing a number of clients globally we are able to advise and execute successful investing strategies, ensuring our clients yield good returns annually. We also advise at the event good growth and exit strategies insuring the best interest of our clients.

As our interest is to establish the long term trust of our investors we only work with partners that have a reputable track record in execution of projects within the markets in question.

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Ghana Investment Property in Accra FREE Webinar: Alantu Enterprise

Darren Brown

Featured Speaker

Darren Brown | CEO of Alantu Enterprise

Darren Brown over the past decade has specialised in Real Estate Investment and developments in Accra; including Residential and Commercial Real Estates in West Africa 

Alantu Enterprise will be hosting an hour long webinar for anyone focused on investing in the increasingly popular Real Estate market in Accra. Here's your chance to learn more about how to safely invest in Ghana through Real Estate. Even if you don't plan to live in Ghana, you can gain insights and learn how you can work with Alantu Enterprise to help you purchase and invest in Real Estate that can give you high-investment yields that you wouldn't get in most countries.

What you will learn:

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Alantu Enterprise collaborates with investors and working professionals from all backgrounds to help secure high yielding real estate and other investment opportunities in Ghana and across West Africa.


Unit 301 Roman Ridge Arcade 9 Sir Arku Korsah Road Airport Resdential Accra, Ghana

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