Property Sourcing

The search for a profitable property investment/ personal home can be a very cumbersome process. At alantu enterprise we hold our clients hand throughout the process highlighting all factors to consider with their particular investment.  We strive on maximisation, so whether it be a personal residence or investment property, the after of our clients investment is our priority.  

Real Estate Acquisition

At Alantu Enterprise we consult Investors, various scaled conglomerates and multi- national companies on large scale acquisition. We specialise in Residential and Commercial investment opportunities.  Before under- going any acquisitions, an in-depth feasibility study is done on the project in question.  All the relevant due diligence is done by our key partners, giving our clients a very clear perspective on both the market and project dynamics.  

Rentals and Management:

Our core principle in business is partnership.  Partnership allow the specialists to do what they do best and all parties benefit. Alantu Enterprise have established key relationships with various management companies to give our clients the benefit of choice.  

We understand investors needs vary. Some clients require their property to be vacant for personal use at specific times of the year and rented alternate times, we have the solution.  We also have clients that require consistent rental incomes annually.  Our team have trusted partners that cater to various business models that can accommodate our clients needs.  

One to One Group Consultation

We understand that investment can be a very intimidating process.  We also understand that a second opinion always helps. It is very difficult to find partners that will look after your finances in the manner you would. The one-on-one consultations are to establish a working relationship with our investment partners. We want you to feel 100% sure that we are committed to the cause before taking that big step with our team. Most of our associates are also from the diaspora so a lot of questions you may have, chances are we have already experienced.  

We use a screening process for our investors in order to make sure we can accommodate potential clients requirements.


Supply Chain Management

As part of Alantu Enterprise core specialities, We bridge the gap between the manufacturer, the property developer and the consumer. We pride ourselves having extensive experience in managing procurement budgets ranging from $100k to $15m.

Our specialty is managing private, residential and commercial real estate development projects. In addition, we offer business development consultancy services in the following areas: Europe, The Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and The United States (USA).

Our core competencies are in the following sectors:




Kitchens and Sanitaryware Electrical appliances



Sourcing natural stones

Sourcing porcelain/ceramic floor tiles and many other sourcing needs

Business Development Consultancy

Throughout the years, Alantu have a very reliable and established network of investment portfolios.  This allows some of our key investors to diversify into other investment opportunities globally.  We are a true believer that team work equals dream work. We cater to potential investors with various budgets, offering a number of initiatives for wealth creation and residual incomes. As the world has becomes more and more of a technology-based economy, we constantly advise our clients to diversify in order to stay consistent in their growth.  

This level of consultancy is usually done on a one-on-one basis, so the client has the flexibility to comfortably ask questions, as well as disclose confidential particulars with our company.  

Alantu Enterprise collaborates with investors and working professionals from all backgrounds to help secure high yielding real estate and other investment opportunities in Ghana and across West Africa.


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